As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. The everyday life of a bride-to-be and a busy job in the fashion industry (especially in the lead up to Christmas) has finally taken its toll on my blog and I’m gradually posting less and less. Rather than totally neglecting the things I love blogging about, I’ve decided to just change the way in which I do it.

My blogs (except for this particular one) are going to be less wordy and more… Picturey…?! Making this small change will save me hours very month, which then means I have more time to upload photos of my outfits… And more!  As well as fashion, this is my ‘creative space’ so I will be featuring more than just fashion and beauty on these pages from now on.
I’m going though such a fun period in my life at the moment, crazy busy in my visual merchandising role for the best luxury shoe brand in the world and 6 months until I’m a ‘Mrs’. The next 6 months and the foreseeable future are going to be a roller coaster and I want to share all of these exciting moments with the people who read my blog. From places I visit, food and drink that I love, the creative bits and bobs in the run up to the wedding, my shopping sprees, outfits and everything in between.
So, welcome to the new Pdotties creative space, the new layout and the new content. I hope you enjoy it even more than before…
Pdot x

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