So, I had a really busy weekend as it was my birthday!! Woo! I’m not so excited about being another year older but I did have an amazing night filled with all of my lovely friends and family, lots of cards and presents and dancing in fancy dress.

My party was on Saturday and the fancy dress theme was anything beginning with the letter ‘P’, obviously because of Pdot… Pdotties… everybody made such a massive effort and looked amazing! I decided to make my own fancy dress and I was a PEACOCK! Have a looky at my outfit…

party fancy dress peacock feathers home made girl tutu fishnets wedges

I simply brought some foam board, cut it to shape and neatly stuck lots of feathers onto it. The back of it slotted down the back of my bodice and stayed in place all night. I used an old corset and stuck feathers onto that and wore some black tutu’s. I was really pleased with my outfit and I will definitely be digging it out again for festival season next year!

My make-up artist friend also done my make-up for me this night, you cant see it too well but here is a closer look at my pretty eye shadow…

eyes make up eye make up face girl

After a crazy night with amazing friends, I got home, unpacked my bags and took a look at all of my lovely cards and presents and took a moment to realise how lucky I am to have amazing friends and family. I had a lovely birthday weekend and can’t wait for another excuse for a party!

Pdot (one year older…) x


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