I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Scott for years now, his fun, colourful and almost tacky fashion has brightened up the catwalks since the 90’s.

After reading this interview in time out yesterday it has made me appreciate the designers sense of humour and lightheartedness towards fashion;

In a world where popular culture seems to have gone a little beige – from the Duchess of Cambridge and her penchant for play-it-safe fashion, to the easy listening soulsters topping the charts – Jeremy Scott is not so much a breath of fresh air as a neon tornado. His designs are gloriously irreverent, undeniably daft and dramatically different. While commercial concerns and retail struggles are keeping the catwalks conservative, Scott is one of the few designers who focuses on fun rather than figures when producing his collections. Which may explain why he collaborates so prolifically with major cash rich brands . His many imaginative side-projects have produced a string of cult designs – from his winged Adidas trainers to his ingenious Mickey Mouse sunglasses. The latest is perhaps the most unlikely of all – a stroller for pram brand Cybex.

What do you love about London style?
‘That anything goes. That no one really gives two shits about what you’re wearing. No one is hollering at you in the street or perturbed by something strange. In New York, people are much more vocal about it. People here just mind their own business. I like that.’

Would you like to open a shop in London?
‘Absolutely, my goodness yes. I’m still familiarising myself with the city – things are so spread out here. But I like the idea of opening a shop on one of London’s many quaint old streets. There are some great ones around Soho: they’re so narrow and atmospheric – so unusual compared to America.’

If you could turn any shop in the world into your flagship, which would it be?
Dover Street Market. I’ve always loved it. It’s such a beautiful store and a beautiful space.’

Who is your style icon?
‘I have lots of muses, but one of my main girls is Cara Delevingne. She epitomises the way to wear my clothes. I love how she mixes up her style, and the way she has so much fun. I simply adore her.’

What epitomises Jeremy Scott style?
‘Humour. Always deliver a message with humour. It makes a more impactful punch.’

What have you designed that even you wouldn’t wear?
‘There are lots of my designs I wouldn’t wear – but not because they’re too crazy. They’re just not meant for me.’

What is your craziest design to date?
‘It might be baby strollers [a collaboration with children’s company Cybex]. I never thought that designing children’s products would be something I’d do – I’ve surprised myself.’

Do any child stars interest you?
‘I love Suri Cruise. I mean, how could you not love that adorable little thing with her little high heels? She’s so cute.’

Does Kate Middleton’s style bore you?

‘It certainly doesn’t excite me. But she seems like a beautiful, warm person. Figure wise, she could wear fashion easily and I could put her in rails and rails of my clothes.’

Do you think fashion is too serious?
‘Abso-fucking-lutely. I think fashion takes itself way too seriously. It’s just fashion, people. It’s just clothes. It should be frivolous and fun. You’re not meant to see it as church and pray to a blouse.’

What do you love most in your wardrobe?
‘High-tops. I look at old pictures of myself as a kid playing with my dog, sitting on my front porch, or on my birthday, and I’m always in high-tops with sweat pants pulled up to my knees. I’ve been doing that since I was eight. It’s still my preferred style.’

What would you spend £10 on?

‘Jeez. In London? I don’t think I could buy anything. It’s so expensive here. If I had to take a cab to the place I was buying something from, I would have already eaten up the budget.’

You obviously love comic books. Which is your favourite?
‘I really love Batman. I love his logo. And there are so many different Batmans to take inspiration from.’

What’s the best shop in the world?
‘I love Dog in Tokyo.’

What’s your most controversial design?
‘I have so many! Really, take your pick. I feel my role is to push boundaries. I don’t like things to be safe and sedentary. So controversy is the cross I have to bear.’

What design are you most proud of?
‘This is like picking a favourite child! I love all my children! My winged Adidas shoes have become an emblematic design, though. And it’s uplifting to know they’re so populist and have reached so many people.’

Take a look at what I believe to be his greatest fashion moments.

Jeremy scott street style cara delevingne catwalk bart simpson adidas trainers

Jeremy scott street style cara delevingne catwalk bart simpson adidas trainers

Jeremy scott street style cara delevingne catwalk bart simpson adidas trainers

And our fave girl Cara Delevingne…

Jeremy scott street style cara delevingne catwalk bart simpson adidas trainers

My favourite item is these Adidas wing trainers, I was over the moon to get hold of these, they are one of my favourite possessions. I too feel a sense of humour towards fashion and don’t think it should always be taken so seriously.

Jeremy scott street style cara delevingne catwalk bart simpson adidas trainers wing

This sense of humour mixed with the street style I know and love makes for a fun, edgy outfit. Keep it bold by mixing prints of make a statement and keep everything understated and let the trainers do the talking.

Pdot x


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