Punk Frock

The best dressed at the 2013 Met Ball.

The theme was punk, one of my favourite, most influential movements within the fashion industry. With Britain being such a massive part of the punk era with icons such as fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and music from the Sex Pistols… surely the Brits wore it best?

 Lily Cole in custom-made Vivienne Westwood

 lily-cole custom made vivienne westwood met ball 2013 red carpet

Cara Delevingne in Burberry

 cara in Burberry delavingne red carpet met ball 2013

Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga

 carey mulligan  Balenciaga red carpet met ball 2013

Sienna Miller in Burberry  

Met ball 2013: Sienna Miller burberry red carpet  

Although I have been craving one of Burberry’s studded leather jackets for about 4 years now, my favourite look at the Met Ball 2013 had to be Lily Cole’s custom made Vivienne Westwood dress. I am already a massive fan of Westwood and her designs are so distinct and often obscure, you only need to look at the corset and the cut of the dress to know who designed this. Made especially for the event, you might think Westwood would have gone for her trademark tartan print or some safety pins with her classic graffiti but the fact it’s been designed to be much more feminine makes this dress very clever. It fits the brief and yet it’s modern and much more delicate than we would usually see from the designer but it still screams Dame Vivienne Westwood! Lily Cole is a great model with a very ‘different’ look about her, perfect to pull off this amazing ‘punk’ frock!

Pdot x


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