Every time my girlfriends and I get ready for a night out together, I get excited about doing our make-up, sharing products and looking though each other’s make-up bags. I find it really intriguing seeing how other girls apply their make-up and finding out their favourite products.

There is nothing worse though, than reading in a magazine the new ‘amazing’ make up that ends up being expensive and doesn’t do what the latest Vogue review says it does.

Here’s a sneak into my everyday make-up bag must haves, some designer investments and some high-street bargains- tried and tested and everything I swear by…

dior YSL make up max factor maybelline burberry garnier chanel mac blush mascara foundation consealer lipstick lip gloss brow eyebrows pencil rose tint liquid blush fresh

Dior Sculpt Foundation- This foundation covers uneven skin tone, blemishes and lifts and smooth’s, all while making your skin look young and fresh! It is the best thing I have ever used on my skin. Years ago when my old foundation got discontinued I spent about 10 months buying, trying and testing so many foundations. Some gave me spots, clogged up my skin or didn’t give me the coverage I wanted. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this at the counter in Selfridges and it instantly changed my complexion. I’ve not looked back since and even after wearing it for 2 years now; I still get complements saying my skin looks fresh and natural. It also works brilliantly with the next item I speak about…

Max Factor Pan Stick- I buy this foundation stick in ‘Copper’, a few shades darker than my skin colour. I tend to mix this in with my natural colour foundation to have the flexibility of adjusting the shade of my foundation. This is great when you have a tan. I often had a problem on holidays when I would get more tanned throughout the week but didn’t have the flexibility to amend my make-up for the change in skin colour. I find this is the ideal solution as you can add as much or as little as you like- a must have for the summer season! I also use this as a liquid blusher; it looks so natural on light skin when used on the cheeks.

Garnier Eye Roll On (tinted)- This is the best under-eye concealer I have ever used! I buy the lightest shade as I feel like the coverage is much better. I roll this in a circle around my whole eye area as its super cooling so it makes your eyelids feel awake; which is perfect first thing in the morning. For best results, I leave it on my eyes for a few minutes and dab it before I apply my foundation. Only £10 and last for months!

YSL Touché Éclat- Show me a girl who doesn’t have this in her make-up bag- it’s a make-up must have! I use this for highlighting areas such as the side of my nose, mouth, chin and laughter lines. Rather than bringing my foundation with me in my handbag I will often use this half way through the day to refresh my face by highlighting necessary areas.   

Topshop Liquid Blusher- The colour can look quite garish in the pot but providing you use a tiny bit on the apple of your cheeks this ‘Afternoon Tea’ shade gives you a healthy rosy glow and feels so light and smooth on your skin.

Burberry Blusher- I will usually try to avoid using a powder as I found a lot of them feel like they clog up your skin but this light ‘Hydrangea Pink’ blusher is great just to finish off your face make up. I use a tiny dusting just on my cheeks before I leave the house and it adds to the glow and keeps my make-up in place all day but still keeps the dewy fresh look.

MAC Highlighter- This MAC Highlighter will last you forever as you only need a small amount to create a great look. Apply to cheek bones and brow bone to create a shimmery sculpted effect. Another trick is to apply a very small amount on your skin just above your cupids bow and this will make your lips look bigger- especially when you’re wearing a sexy lip colour.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express (Smoky Eyes)- My favourite mascara! I have tried every designer mascara out there, some dry out really quickly, some don’t add any length or volume at all and some are quite good but none are as good as this! I find the best way to apply this is to give your lashes one quick thin coat and wait for them to dry. After, layer up as much as you like, making sure to separate any eyelashes with tweezers if needed. It lasts all day and doesn’t flake at all!

No7 Eyebrow Pencil- If your eyes are the gateway to your soul, your brows are the gate keepers!! They should always remain well-groomed and looking great! I have my brows threaded (only slightly) and tinted a medium brown once a month. This does the trick but if you’re like me and love them to look thicker and even darker still, this No7 Eyebrow Pencil is great! It fills in the gaps, looks really natural and lasts all day- it even comes with its own handy brush! I wear brown/ black but wear what suits you best.

CHANEL ROUGE COCO Hydrating Crème Lip Colour- This is my favourite classic red lip colour. Its hydrating, it doesn’t fade and will be in fashion season after season. I think everybody suits a red lip colour, you just need to decide if you’re a classic red girl (like me) or lighter red with an orange tint or a slightly darker red wine shade. I love them all!

Burberry Lip Gloss- Finally lip gloss! This gloss lives in my handbag rather than my make-up bag but I had to mention it as it is the best gloss I have ever used! It feels like applying silk to your lips and instantly makes them look shiny and healthy but not at all sticky. If you invest in any beauty product this month, buy a Burberry Lip Gloss- you won’t regret it! All the colours are amazing but the shade I’m wearing right now is ‘Rosewood’, very subtle and feminine.

I hope you find this useful.

Pdot x


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